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RefrigerationIndustrial Refrigeration Equipment

One of the most important pieces of equipment a business in the foodservice industry can own is industrial refrigeration equipment. Whether you are a grocery store with an extensive meat section or a convenience store that cooks and sells items like hot dogs and hamburger to customers, you will need industrial refrigeration equipment. SupermarketServices.com is an international leader in providing grocery and convenience store equipment, and we are proud to produce the highest-quality refrigeration systems for meat in the industry.

At SupermarketServices.com, we work directly with our customers to design and engineer refrigeration equipment that meets their needs. It doesn’t matter what storage capacity, temperature, or other design specifications are requested, our technicians, who have more than a decade of experience, can handle the job. We have the talent to produce refrigeration equipment with as little as .5 horsepower or as high as 80 horsepower, depending on our customers needs. In addition to product loads and storage capacity, we also take into consideration what demands will be placed on the industrial refrigeration equipment depending on where in the world the refrigeration system is sent. Refrigeration systems for meat that are sent to Cairns, Australia, will have to be able to withstand higher humidity levels and temperatures than equipment sent to Copenhagen, Denmark. Our team has success with every product we sell. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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For more information on industrial refrigeration equipment, please contact one of our representatives today at sales@supermarketservices.com. We will respond to your inquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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