Supermarket Services Company Inc


Weather you prefer Metal Cabinetry or Conventional Wood Cabinets, Supermarket Services can take care of your needs for commercial wall cabinets. We Supply Royston Cabinets and Shopco Cabinets.

Please contact our knowledgeable sales staff today via email or call us at (800) 711-8982.

A Well Designed Commercial Cabinet System helps to Project a positive store image for your customers with durable, well presented, well-organized fixtures.

  • Keep your store looking new for many years
  • Create a clean and organized shopping environment
  • Achieve long-term durability
  • Withstand customer abuse
  • Prevent consistent messages across the store

Supermarket Services commercial wall cabinets support your brand or your image!

Through striking color, texture, graphic and laminate combinations, our commercial cabinets leave a lasting impression on your customers – positioning your store brand, and the shopping experience, favorably in their minds. We will give you a cutting edge supermarket design and convenience store design! We are the supermarket plan and convenience store plan pros!

  • Impress your customers
  • Retain good looking fixtures for a long time
  • Create customer loyalty and repeat visits
  • Generate more traffic in your store
  • Achieve top of mind recognition among shoppers We’ll work to find you the right commercial cabinets at the right price. Guaranteed.